Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If your Dad is an industrial designer and machinist, you can expect to receive some unusual toys. This Honda RC166 model motorcycle belongs to Anna Kraeuter, aged three, the daughter of Portland vintage motorcycle racer Chuck. It’s a perfect ½ scale model that measures just over 3 feet long by 1½ feet high. Working two or three hours a day, Chuck built this model from scratch in 166 consecutive days. “Anna loves the attention she gets when she sits on it,” Chuck tells us. “It doesn’t run, but it has a first gear—so the clutch spins like it would if bump starting.”



Anonymous said...

Oh my god.... how perfect!

Rob said...
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Rob said...

I seriously have a few tears in my eye...he is quite the craftsyman. What details!

Jacob1977 I Single Cylinder said...


Steve Blanchard said...

Saw this when researching my favourite motorcycle of all time. As beautiful as the real thing!
Where does one start without
factory drawings or the real thing
in front of you for reference?